30.04.2022, Tarifa Spain

Ayurvedic food.

Food starts to become ayurvedic as soon as it helps you to get balanced. All food can be ayurvedic. All food can be good or worse for you. It all depends on your current dosha (vata, pitta, kapha).

Your food must be delicious!

I have tried a wide variety of diets and nutritional styles. 

My conclusion: If I strictly forbade myself to eat something and even forced myself to eat something distasteful instead of what I really wanted or needed, my thoughts revolved around it all the time and  

sooner or later I had to compensate for this. 

Ayurveda does not mean starving or forbidding. It recommends us to rethink certain habits and to eat according to our dosha. 

And be only 80% strict with the advice, other wise you will get sick.
We are human, we should enjoy our life and also our food. 

01.04.2022 Laax, CH

Winter season passed by. 



The winter season passed by. 

The season, the months, the days flied. 

So fast. 


Had quite a good time here in Laax. 

Unfortunately some health up and downs but that’s okay. 

Laax treats me well. The nature, the mountains, the people. 

The whole place has such good vibes. 

I feel this place so much, that I decided to stay. 

Stay here. 


But first.
Fly to Tarifa, Spain in May. 

I will try out an ayurvedic treatment. 
For the experience and learning ayurvedic stuff for my education.

And with the hope of bringing my health back into balance. 

Taking a break and my kite can not be missing there for sure.

Back here in Laax in June. 

I am very happy to move into a permanent home especially after 1,5 years on tour, moving from place to place.

There are still some ideas and plans around for summer. 

Step by step. 


I am looking forward to what is to come along my way. 

Let’s see. 

A few experiences richer         &

joyful plans for the future.

14.12.2021 Chur, CH

Sun. ✹

Moon. ☾ 

The moon let the sun shine during the
day. The sun let the moon glimmer at

Sun.Moon. Day.Night. Light.Dark.
Earth.Sky. Hot.Cold. Good.Bad.
Life.Death. Yin.Yang. He.She.
Love.Hate. Yes.No. You.I.

We all have our light side
and our dark side.
We need it all.



28.11.2021 Home

this video could be long and boring.
watch at your own risk of wasting time.

🇧🇷 > 🇨🇭
last week.
messy and confused.
arrived, moved, arrived - or not?
from 30 degrees to 0.
time shifts from here to there.
wow I have my own bed.
stuff everywhere and nowhere.
oh what? what‘s an alarm clock?
what am I doing here?
freezing all day, all night.
In which carton is my winter jacket?
work, let us be friends.
sleepy, heavy eyes.
oh friday I love you.

I feel arrived back here.
looking forward to what’s coming.


18.11.2021 Aeroporto de Lisboa


now, sitting at the airport. same seat as 6 weeks ago. not the same me as then. richer. much richer. many beautiful memories richer.
thankful to be here.
alive & healthy with sunburn & scars.
had a deep conversation with my driver. he wanted to know what the best was in brasil. silence.
I started to realize what happened, how lucky I am. remembered a lot of moments and stories.
I didn’t expected anything when I arrived. was very surprised what kite surfing made with me. I really enjoyed my time on the water. everyday, every session completely unique. and somedays the turtles swim with - yesterday a dolphin (or in my eyes a shark).
but no, not the kite sessions. it was much more that made me feel so carefree.
the community.
the highlight are definitely all the nice people I met. thanks to everyone who shared this time with me. you made it special. see you next. saúde!

I’m getting on board filled up with joy and gratitude. I know that something new and exciting is waiting for me.

there is always a place with wind and water, he said.


17.10.2021 Prea Brasilien

On the safe side.  


you, a little snot in this big world.

you wanted to stay on the safe side.
rather risk nothing instead of following the call of your heart.
you have already refused so that you can not be refused.
you have closed your heart so that it can not hurt anyone.

you wanted to stay on the safe side.
safety instead of risk.
control instead of openness.
protection instead of love.

and then.
you are standing there, on the safe side.
and ask yourself:
where is what I have gone to?
where do I find myself again when I've even locked myself out?

to stay on the safe side.
for fear of meeting someone inside of me that I can not control.

on the safe side.